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STUDY: The World’s Top 20 Most Socially Engaged Skate Channels on YouTube

Top 20 Most Engaged Skateboarding ChannelsToday active Americans research nearly every major purchase and life decision. We are constantly connected, socially savvy, outfitted with mobile and wearable devices, social networks, and easy access to online communities with outspoken peers.

According to an exclusive Blast Motion survey – 73% chat about favorite sports on social media, and 60% share photos/videos/stats about their personal performance. Although these statistics are high, authentic social engagement is still lacking among many specific sports and lifestyle brands — effectively sidelining them from the conversations within their own communities.

Fortunately, when looking at the social skateboarding community, we discovered an outstanding group of athletes, vloggers, shredders, coaches, media outlets and brands who have mastered the art & science of creating authentic content, using social media to build genuine and lasting connections with the people who share their passion… and sense of humor!

At Blast Motion we are dedicated to redefining the digital experience with wearable motion capture technologies. By shining the spotlight on these highly engaged skate channels and unveiling their secret sauce, we are aiming to open the floodgates for sports and lifestyle brands to discover innovative ways to join the conversation — authentically and on the community’s own terms.

Here’s just a few tips from a group of skateboard vloggers with a collective 1.2 million subscriber base:

  • Steven Fernandez: Don’t post the same thing as everyone else and post everyday.
  • Josh Katz: You’re going to make it further if you’re doing it out of a genuine passion for skateboarding and not just to get lots of followers.
  • Andrew Schrock: Odds are you’re not in Street League or the X Games. If you’re not doing the biggest, best skateboarding, then you need to do something to stand out and make people remember who you are…And have fun! People want to see that you actually love what you’re doing. Smile once in awhile or do something goofy.


The study was commissioned by Blast Motion and conducted by digital marketing and sports influence marketplace Raynforest, Inc. Engagement ranking is based on the actions such as average daily views as a percentage of total subscribers recorded on November 14, 2014. Reach is a ranking of the total views per video, as reported by