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Performance Technologies Providing the “It” Factor for Sports Complex

performance technologies

Next Level Sports Complex (NLSC) is an indoor sports facility and training center, offering a broad range of programs for athletes, coaches, and families committed to performing at the next level.

Looking for the Differentiating “It” factor

NLSC is thought of as a leader within the Sports Complex industry, but they’re always looking for ways to separate their products and services from the competitors in their local area. With weekend tournaments being the primary source of income for the company, NLSC began to search for ways to not only re-establish themselves in the forefront of the industry, but to also allow additional income to be brought in.

NLSC began by dedicating part of their facility to sport specific training. This allowed them to devote more effort to developing unique, sports specific training programs targeted at the tens of thousands of athletes that walked through their doors annually.

The problem was, every gym offered training programs and they were all trying to be unique.  NLSC needed an “IT” factor.

“We needed something that was going to attract, and keep athletes…we already had the complex, the equipment, the personnel…we just needed (blank)”

Jason Brennan, CEO of NLSC

Finding an innovative solution to compliment pre-existing programs

A majority of NLSC’s clients were either high school or college athletes, looking to continue their love for the game at the next level. Understanding this, the NLSC management staff began looking into ways they could help and attract elite athletes, aspiring to be great.

The question became, what do elite athletes want?

Well, they want to improve. They care about seeing changes not only on their scouting reports but also in their in-game performance stats.

With this in mind, the NLSC Management staff  began looking into innovative performance technologies. What they found was Blast Motion, a technology that enables coaches, trainers, and athletes to capture and analyze glaring or subtle weaknesses in an athlete’s game.

Performance Technologies enhance training programs and add new revenue stream

With Blast Motion’s plug-n-play, motion-sensor solution, NLSC’s trainers began to use the technology to record their pre-existing athletes. NLSC’s sport specific trainers and coaches began by filming the training sessions, using the Blast Motion App. With the Blast Motion sensors, the trainers and coaches were then able to track real-time analytics to pair video with precise action readings. The videos and real-time analytics allowed them to adapt workouts to target the athletes trouble areas.

Soon, requests for sport specific personal training began to significantly rise. Athletes were able to record the analytical readings and track the improvements in their game.

“With the video, I can quickly show players (within seconds after they’ve performed a drill) how they performed and make adjustments that need to be made.  When players see the video of their performance, it helps them understand the coaching, absorb the feedback, and reduces the learning curve for improvement.  Video does not lie.”

Coach Jacob
Assistant Girls Coach Oxford Academy
JW Basketball Coach

With the sensors acting as an extra set of eyes, the team was also able to train more than one athlete at once, while still giving personal attention to each athlete. The program ultimately added another lucrative revenue stream and made them less dependent on weekend tournaments.

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